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Cotton, undoubtedly, the most famous to find and wear fabrics of high and low clothes, It is common for people to buy T-shirts made of pure cotton, for example, of quality, because the fabric usually does not cause allergies, which makes the skin “breathe”, it is a material for washing and wearing.

Whether cotton or mixed with polyester, it is usually available at an affordable price.

Do you know how cotton t-shirts are made?

The cotton t-shirt makes a change and gives a hand in a less polluted environment. Therefore, consider this information about cotton, the next time you consider buying a White T-shirt or any T-shirt made of cotton.

What cotton does the shirt wear?

Combed cotton: fine bristles are used to remove short strands and straighten the fibers to make the fabric stronger and softer.

Jersey: The elastic knit is usually made of cotton or synthetic blends, very flexible and comfortable.

What is a cotton T-shirt?
T-shirts are durable, classic, and versatile outfits that are attractive as a staple in the wardrobe, the life of the T-shirt begins in the most common cotton fields in the United States, India, or Egypt.

They are usually made of 100% cotton but can be used in polyester or polyester-cotton blends, will the cotton shirt shrink? That’s why most types of cotton shrink at the first wash.

The best way to avoid shrinkage is to wash it by hand or use a subtle loop of cold water and a washing machine, Ideally, clothes made of natural fibers should not see the inside of the dryer.

T-shirts are perhaps one of the most popular suits for men, women, and children, and their popularity can be attributed to their versatility and durability, Men’s t-shirts can be worn in elegant underwear or outerwear.

Buying a T-shirt can be a daunting process, as the price and quality of clothing can vary greatly.

What should I pay attention to when buying a cotton T-shirt?


When buying a T-shirt, choosing a T-shirt that keeps its shape after washing, nothing is more frustrating than finding a T-shirt that becomes shorter or wider, only after a single wash.
The determining factor is the structure of knitted fabrics, even with T-shirts from the company, well woven, usually not only durable but also can withstand multiple washes.

Carefully inspect the knitted structure should tell small plump and rings, without stretching and stretching into thin forms.

Fiber Content
The 100% cotton t-shirt is perfect for hot summer days; however, you may want to explore different levels of a blend to meet your specific needs.

While cotton provides water absorption and comfort, the addition of other synthetic materials such as polyester improves durability and reduces shrinkage.

The addition of polyester fibers also increases the wrinkle resistance of clothing and allows them to dry faster than a variety of cotton.

Shrinkage Strength
If you haven’t already done so, all-cotton T-shirts can be reduced by up to 5%, which is more than just a simple resizing. Buy shrunk cotton T-shirts or polyester blend T-shirts whenever possible to keep the right size after washing.

Clothing Cutting
The applicability of the T-shirt depends almost entirely on the cut when buying the T-shirt, making sure it is cut with cereal, the vertical ring is at the bottom edge at right angles and does not tilt.

Side seams should be distorted in the right place, not forward or backward, mistakenly cut T-shirts not only look unmodern but also uncomfortable, some T-shirts do not have side seams, as they are cut from round knitted tubes.

When buying cotton T-shirts, you need to check the uniformity of the “grain” and the straight body, not twisted clothes, sleeves should not appear distorted on the cuffs, they should be of sufficient size.

There are countless varieties to choose from, the choice of color, style, image, and decoration for transmission or printing depends on your personal choice.

However, the choice of color, neckline, hem length, sleeve length, the cut should complement your body, choose a T-shirt style that enhances its best characteristics.

Welcome to buy Egyptian cotton t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes at an amazing price!