Payment & Security

Payment & Security for Egyptian Cotton T-shirts

Payment & Security for Egyptian Cotton T-shirts

Internet security is a concern for everybody, so we have taken measures to ensure that your information is secure, our online retailer is none other than PayPal here at T-Shirt Egypt.

You can make your transaction via PayPal or you can use an accepted credit card; American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover and Diners Card are all accepted.

PayPal uses an SSL encrypted server which allows you to enter your credit card details and other information knowing that your information is secure, The software that they use has met industry standards and is definitely the best for e-commerce transaction that is secure.

This information that you provide including your full names, shipping address, credit card details and the like are all encrypted ensuring that no one can hack into the system and read your information.

For those who may still not be comfortable making an online payment, you can send money to T-Shirt Egypt via the Western Union.

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