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Most people know that Egyptian cotton is considered superior to most another cotton, but they do not know why Egyptian cotton is considered one of the two highest quality cotton fabrics in the world and is considered better than ordinary cotton for the following reasons:

• Egyptian cotton comes from a cotton plant that differs from ordinary cotton, cotton should be grown within a given temperature range and has so much moisture in the atmosphere so it is of high quality that Egyptian cotton generally grows along the Nile on a very rich soil and a wonderfully moist atmosphere, these are perfect for what is considered, ultra-long staples or fibers.

The optimum temperature for cotton growth is less than 25 ◦ c (77 ◦ f). When it continues, cotton tends to dry, becomes brittle, very difficult, loses its elasticity. Also, if there is too much exposure to brightness or light, the same thing happens.

• Therefore, Egyptian cotton fiber is much longer than ordinary cotton fiber. When these fibers are spun in the thread, the fibers are uninterrupted, which means that the seams are generally less than ordinary cotton.

• The second reason it is a higher weave is that it wraps more threads in a square. Since the fibers are thinner, you can have more threads on each square. This makes the fabric very durable. That the fabric made of ordinary cotton, its strength and durability lie in the count of threads.

• Finally, Egyptian cotton is often more porous than ordinary cotton. Therefore, it is easy to absorb moisture and make the fabric “breathable”, meaning it is a great fabric to wear when moving or doing a job that requires physical exertion.

Now you have more knowledge of what makes Egyptian cotton superior to ordinary cotton, you can be sure that buying our t-shirts, made of this quality fabric, is a clear plus.

In addition to quality fabrics, colors will also attract your attention, since Egyptian cotton produces deeper and brighter colors. With our excellent stitching and matching fabrics and colors.

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When printing on a light-colored T-shirt maker is that the ink from your printer will blend a little with the color of the T-shirt.

This happens only on T-shirts maker of bright light colors with light ink colors. Shadows are usually not significant, but it is necessary to take.

T-Shirt Maker for Egyptian Cotton T-shirts:

To make unique tee shirts; not many people know how to create their own t-shirts using cheap designers of T-shirts maker. It is easy to enter the online store and use the tools they offer to choose shirts, then add art, letters, and print!

What is the best T-shirt making site?
Here we look at the top four tools and services of the t-shirt.
– Spread shirt. The spread shirt is a very well-known name when it comes to creating custom T-shirt, and for very good reason.
T-shirt Egypt
– Custom Ink.

What is the best T-shirt design maker app?
3 Fabulous Apps for T-Shirt designers
– Snaptee. Snaptee is the ultimate t-shirt designers’ app as it gives anyone, from budding to Pro t-shirt designers practically everything they need to create one-of-a-kind, modern designs for t-shirts.
– Adobe Photoshop Touch.
– Art Authority for iPad.

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